Citizens Academy

Preparing citizens for the city of the future now.

Welcome to the Citizens Academy!!

The Citizens Academy is a place for Christians to learn and grow together.
We believe that within the body of Christ there is an untapped reservoir of wealth and knowledge. Here we help talented individuals fulfill their God-given mandate to serve the fellow citizens by releasing their knowledge, skills and expertise.

Who are we?

We are a Christocentric organization that keeps Christ and the Kingdom at the center of everything we do. We believe that skills and wealth are needed to do good and improve communities and lives.

Join us in building the community of Christ. Make connections and develop relationships that will allow you to understand and act on being a part of the Kingdom of Christ.

Learn with us!

  • Gain valuable knowledge and insight through our classes, courses and masterclasses.
  • Develop your mindset, skillset and toolset to enhance your opportunities
  • Become a productive citizen of the Kingdom of God

At the Citizens Academy we offer three types of education experiences.

  • Short classes are free bitesized lessons designed to educate and inspire you.
  • Courses are a series of lessons offering a deep dive into specific subjects which will inform, challenge and help you to grow.
  • MasterClasses are a way for students to meet face to face with our teachers. These sessions are designedto impart, equip and empower you on the road to maturity.

Teach with us!

  • No need to hide who you are and what you believe
  • Grasp the oppurtunity to make a difference in your community and the wider body of Christ
  • Pass on knowledge in a way that doesn’t take over your life.

For teachers the Citizens Academy is the perfect place to respond to your calling. Through our platform you can create, publish and sell unlimited classes, courses and masterclasses through our easy to use course manager.

So sign up today and join our global community of students and teachers learning and teaching on the Citizens Academy.


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